Business Mogul Weekly March 23, 2014

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How to Book the World’s Top Authors to Speak at Your Next Event

This article is of great personal importance to me simply because I have an idea for a conference I want to create in the future. Did you know that live events are the highest converting form of content marketing? Yep.

But think about this: would you like to have a top speaker present at your next company function? How about at a discounted price? Well then check out this article by Derek Coburn. It explains a little-known secret that can make your dream happen.

The Short List

If you have spent five minutes on my blog you know I live and breathe selling solutions, not features. But often there is more to the sales story. In this article, Hunter Walk of Homebrew, a seed stage venture fund, discusses the difference between having your product or service bought or not.

If you are just getting going or your company’s sales just haven’t taken off, you might need to increase your customer development (A Lean Startups term dealing with product/market fit). And while you’re at it, make sure you ask the right questions. Which questions? Well, you have to read the article for that.

Growth Hackers

This article by Tim Fishburne highlights a great debate taking place in the world of marketing: growth hacking, and its future in the world of marketing. For those new to growth hacking, it is the process of developing a marketing plan using technological tools like A/B testing, landing pages, API integrations, and various other tech-driven tools. But in the end growth hacking is based on the idea that you should make marketing decisions based primarily on the data that can be collected in our highly connected world.

I can’t say I disagree. But read the article and figure out where you fall on the subject. It’s one of the bigger debates currently taking place in the world of marketing.

SEO is Stone Soup

Wow, what an article. I will have to give this post by AJ Kohn my top pick of the week award, primarily because it is a multilayered piece dealing with an array of topics, each of which is very insightful.

The first takeaway is his excellent example of how SEO is simply one cog in the digital marketing wheel. This is a concept that I have been preaching for a while now, but the way AJ articulates the point is perfect.

I also love his ability to blend the principles depicted in the Stone Soup parable with search engine optimization. People keep saying you need to tell a story with your content, and well, this article is one example of how that can be done.

I could keep going but you just need to read the article.

The Art of The WordPress Startup: Part 11

Back for a second week in a row on the Business Mogul Weekly is another great article from the Pagely blog. First off, if anybody knows anything about finding a niche market it is Pagely. They pioneered what is now the gold rush of web hosting, managed WordPress hosting.

The article brings up a lot of good points about creating highly specific products for a small niche market. But the main point is the idea of serving just one type of client instead of twenty, at least when you’re a young company. The best example is HappyTables, which is a WordPress product designed for restaurants and restaurants only. So sit back and treat yourself to a little business and marketing 101.

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